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Why I Wear the Hijab…

In April 2014, I started to wear the hijab (a head covering worn by Muslim women). First and foremost, the hijab is worn by Muslim women as an act of obedience to God’s commands. For an explanation of the other reasons why we wear the hijab, please watch the video linked below.

I am not oppressed and people should not make such assumptions. The day I donned the hijab, I felt like I broke the shackles of societal expectations regarding beauty and the shiny facade of this temporary world. It has brought me closer to Allah (God) and I feel a heightened sense of responsibility to be good and to do good for now I represent Islam and my focus is on the Akhira (after-life) as opposed to the temporary Dunya (worldly life).

However, if I make a mistake or my fellow Muslims do, then please don’t judge Islam by our actions or our deeds. The thing is that we are all “works in process,” striving to better ourselves as the days go by. We as human beings are not perfect…but Islam is. Most importantly, don’t judge Islam by the terrorists who contradict and disobey the holy Quran and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

If you wear the hijab, ask yourself….are you representing Islam properly? You are indeed a representative and you have a big responsibility.