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Product Rave: Natural Bodywash

My first recommendation for a natural body wash was for a bar soap by Shea Moisture. Now, I can finally recommend a liquid body wash as I know many people prefer liquid soaps for the convenience. The shower gel is by A La Maison and it comes in two scents, a delicate honeysuckle scent and a lavender scent. Although the experience may not be as luxurious as the Shea Moisture bar soap since it’s not as creamy and moisturizing, it does the job well while using very natural ingredients and the scent is long-lasting. Warning: It is a thinner liquid consistency, which is not a big deal because the ingredient list is my priority but I did want to throw that out there for those who might not like that.

I have personally purchased this shower gel from a health store and a local Publix grocery store. However, I have seen it available on Walmart.com and Amazon.com as well.

Here are the ingredients: Filtered water, coconut oil, olive oil, natural vegetable glycerin, argan oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), natural fragrance with plant extracts and essential oils.

Please check the label to confirm the ingredients list prior to purchase in case of changes or errors.